Hilary A North

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Eph receptors are widely expressed during cerebral cortical development, yet a role for Eph signaling in the generation of cells during corticogenesis has not been shown. Cortical progenitor cells selectively express one receptor, EphA4, and reducing EphA4 signaling in cultured progenitors suppressed proliferation, decreasing cell number. In vivo,(More)
Eph receptors, the largest family of surface-bound receptor tyrosine kinases and their ligands, the ephrins, mediate a wide variety of cellular interactions in most organ systems throughout both development and maturity. In the forming cerebral cortex, Eph family members are broadly and dynamically expressed in particular sets of cortical cells at discrete(More)
Somatosensation is the primary sensory modality employed by rodents in navigating their environments, and mystacial vibrissae on the snout are the primary conveyors of this information to the murine brain. The layout of vibrissae is spatially stereotyped and topographic connections faithfully maintain this layout throughout the neuraxis. Several factors(More)
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