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PURPOSE To determine whether institution of a structured surgical curriculum for ophthalmology residents decreased the rate of sentinel surgical complications. SETTING Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Des Moines, Iowa, USA. METHODS A retrospective review was performed of third-year ophthalmic resident quality-assurance surgical outcomes data at a single(More)
The traditional journal club has historically been used to teach residents about critically reading and reviewing the literature in order to improve patient care. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education competencies mandate requires that ophthalmology residency programs both teach and assess practice-based learning and improvement. A(More)
PURPOSE To describe an ophthalmology wet laboratory (OWL) curriculum for residents in training. METHODS Systematic literature review and selection of best practices for use in the OWL learning plan from a single academic ophthalmology program. RESULTS A pretest and posttest of cognitive skills, objective wet laboratory structured assessment of skill and(More)
PURPOSE To test the validity and reliability of a new tool for assessing residents' competence in ophthalmic surgery. Changing paradigms of ophthalmic education in the United States have influenced worldwide ophthalmic education and necessitated new methods of assessing resident competence. Accordingly, a new tool for assessing residents' competence in(More)
PURPOSE To determine the feasibility of screening for depression, dementia, and functional impairment in an ophthalmology outpatient clinic. DESIGN Prospective pilot survey study. PARTICIPANTS Fifty consecutive ophthalmology clinic outpatients. METHODS Consecutive patients more than 64 years of age with visits to the comprehensive eye clinic and the(More)
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has mandated that all residency training programs teach and assess new competencies including professionalism. This article reviews the literature on medical professionalism, describes good practices gleaned from published works, and proposes an implementation matrix of specific tools for(More)