Hilarie Simpson

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Maximum voluntary coughing produces a flow-volume profile which incorporates the characteristics of a maximum expiratory flow-volume curve (MEFV). The cough flow-volume curve also has transient spikes of supramaximal flow, interspersed with portions of zero flow when the glottis is closed. The peak flow rates of the supramaximal flow transients during cough(More)
The peripheral chemoresponses of infant twin pairs were determined using a single-breath hyperoxic stimulus. A total of 43 twin pairs of comparable gestation and birth weight were studied during sleep at a mean (SD) age of 8 wk (1.4) while alternately breathing either air or 16% oxygen in nitrogen. Infants responded to a single breath of 100% oxygen by a(More)
The question of whether functional residual capacity (FRC) falls in infants during active sleep has been clouded by studies using different subject groups and techniques for measurements of lung volume and determination of sleep state. Twenty healthy full-term infants within the first week of life participated in the present study. Neurophysiological and(More)
Sixteen asthmatic children completed a double blind placebo controlled crossover study of controlled release salbutamol (CRS) to assess its efficacy in controlling night time cough. Children with asthma were enrolled into the study on the basis of a history of persistent cough confirmed by two overnight tape recordings at home. Outcome was measured by two(More)
We wished to investigate the effects of sleep deprivation on sleep, arousal propensity, respiratory events and peripheral chemoresponses in healthy infants, since these effects might be relevant to mechanisms concerned with some cases of sudden infant death syndrome. Paired observations were made overnight during natural sleep and following sleep(More)
A double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial was conducted to investigate the efficacy of 3 months' inhaled steroids delivered via a spacer device with face mask attachment to infants recovering from bronchiolitis. Forty-eight previously healthy infants recovering from their first documented episode of acute bronchiolitis were randomized to receive(More)
Apparent central apnoea (absent breathing movements) detected by monitoring movement of the thoracic wall was compared with simultaneous detection by abdominal wall movement. Eighteen infants provided one or more 24 hour recording of heart rate (electrocardiography), thoracic respiration (transthoracic impedance), and abdominal wall movement (pressure(More)
The main purpose of this study was to perform a treatment planning study for lung cancer comparing 2-field (2F) versus 3-field (3F) techniques in uniform scanning proton therapy (USPT). Ten clinically approved lung cancer treatment plans delivered using USPT at our proton center were included in this retrospective study. All 10 lung cases included 4D(More)
The relationship between night cough and other indices of asthma severity was studied in 21 children with clinically stable asthma and persistent night cough. Overnight cough was quantified and related to symptom scores, oxygen saturation (SaO2) during sleep, evening and morning peak flow recordings and daytime tests of lung function. In the index group the(More)
The performance of two types of respiration monitor was studied with regard to detection of central apnea and individual breaths. Each monitor detected central apnea more frequently than routine intermittent nursing observation. Both false alarms, when the monitor failed to detect breathing movements (false positive for apnea), and false respiration(More)