Hilarie L. Stern

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Three visual habituation studies using abstract animations tested the claim that infants' attachment behavior in the Strange Situation procedure corresponds to their expectations about caregiver-infant interactions. Three unique patterns of expectations were revealed. Securely attached infants expected infants to seek comfort from caregivers and expected(More)
If we had to sum up this year's group of summer students in one word, we would have to choose the word " diverse ". We vary in our educational backgrounds as well as our hometowns, with our homes spanning from Saudi Arabia to California to Pennsylvania and several places in between. However, our diversity allowed us to fit neatly into the MSRC, where we had(More)
The vocational rehabilitation process is viewed as having two dominant work-related components: the actual work-training experience and employability skills. The paper argues that both components are critical and must be integrated. The major role of the vocational rehabilitation agency is viewed as that of provider of employability (or job-seeking) skills(More)
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