Hilal Sonbul

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PURPOSE This study aimed to describe the periodontal condition of children, adolescents and young Saudi adults and to investigate its relationship with salivary variables and oral hygiene status. MATERIALS AND METHODS A sample of 114 children, 99 adolescents and 99 young adults were randomly selected from patients attending dental clinics at the school of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the preventive effect of a "modified fluoride (F) toothpaste technique" on the incidence and progression of buccal/ lingual enamel caries among Saudi adults with high caries prevalence. METHOD Adults were randomly assigned to test and control groups. Test group patients were instructed to use the provided F toothpaste twice a day as(More)
Objectives Women undergo different physiological and oral changes during pregnancy and this may increase the risk of dental caries and other oral diseases. The aim of the present study was to investigate changes in biofilm acidogenicity and correlate them to sweet taste perception in pregnant and non-pregnant women. Methods Three groups of Saudi women(More)
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