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OBJECTIVE This study assessed the safety and clinical efficacy of a low-fluence 1064-nm Q-switched neodymium-doped:yttrium aluminum garnet (QS-Nd:YAG) laser in the treatment of patients with melasma. METHODS The study evaluated 34 melasma patients treated at a single institution using a 1064-nm QS-Nd:YAG laser. The laser parameters were 6 mm spot size and(More)
Fractional lasers have been used for the improvement of scar tissue in the recent years but there has not been extensive research on their impact. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of nonablative fractional laser (NAFL) on acne, burn, and surgery/traumatic scar. The scars were also categorized as atrophic, hypertrophic, and keloid, and(More)
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BACKGROUND Striae distensae (SD) are a type of dermal scarring that is quite common and difficult to treat. Two forms are known: striae rubrae (SR) and striae albae (SA). OBJECTIVE We compared the long-term clinical effectiveness of a 1550-nm non-ablative fractional laser (NAFL) in treating SR and SA. MATERIALS AND METHODS We included 16 female patients(More)
Mesotherapy is widely used for its lipolytic effect as an alternative procedure to surgical methods. Although many benefits of lipolytic mesotherapy have been observed, numerous side effects have also been reported. Here, we report a case of cutaneous foreign body granulomas that occurred after lipolytic mesotherapy.
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