Hilário Fernandes

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This article describes a Sentiment Analysis (SA) system named senti.ue-en, built for participation in SemEval-2013 Task 2, a Twitter SA challenge. In both challenge sub-tasks we used the same supervised machine learning approach, including two classifiers in pipeline, with 22 semantic oriented features, such as polarized term presence and index, and(More)
Olfactory deficits are a common (often prodromal) symptom of neurodegenerative or psychiatric disorders. As such, olfaction could have great potential as an early biomarker of disease, for example using neuroimaging to investigate the breakdown of structural connectivity profile of the primary olfactory networks. We investigated the suitability for this(More)
This paper focuses on the modeling, simulation, construction and experimental testing of a Lundell Machine controller circuit with three phase inverter bridge. The controller circuit was designed and built with the capability of employing both sensorless and sensored control methods, with an added feature of enabling control of the power delivered to an(More)
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