Hikmet Yenioglu

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Data on pubertal development in 462 healthy, well-developed schoolboys from the cross-sectional study in Elaziğ, Eastern Turkey, are reported. Genital and pubic hair development are classified according to Marshall and Tanner, and Winter criteria. The initiation of genital development (the onset of puberty) was 11.6 +/- 0.15 (mean +/- SEM) years and that of(More)
88 newborns with omphalitis diagnosed at a University Hospital in Eastern Turkey from January 1988 to December 1990 were reviewed. The yearly incidence was 7.7% in inpatient newborns. Risk factors including septic delivery (especially home delivery), prematurity, and being small for gestational age appeared to be important. Clinical manifestations, white(More)
To our knowledge, only one report describing nipple diameters in pubertal boys has been published. We studied 462 boys, aged 8–17 years, to determine if nipple diameter might provide measurable criteria for assessing sexual maturation during male puberty. In addition, assessing whether nipple diameter differed in the presence or absence of gynecomastia.(More)
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