Hikmat M. El-Shennawy

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Schistosomiasis is a widespread helminthic disease. Treatment of schistosomiasis is based on chemotherapy with praziquantel, which is the drug of choice. Since resistance to praziquantel has been demonstrated, alternative drugs must be considered. Myrrh is an oleo-gum resin from the stem of the plant Commiphora molmol. This study was carried out on 204(More)
Oxidative stress is known to be a key factor in several diseases and was reported as a result of radiation exposure in human and experimental animals. Apple could provide a cheap and readily available source of dietary antioxidants. Therefore, the present study was designed to determine the possible protective effects of dried apple powder (DAP) against(More)
Administration of dietary antioxidants has been suggested to protect against liver tissue damage induced by radiation exposure. Silymarin is a polyphenolic plant flavonoid derived from Silymarin marianum that has hepatoprotective and anticarcinogenic effects. Therefore, the present study was carried out to investigate the radioprotective activity of(More)
This study was conducted to examine the effects of gamma irradiation treatment on the chemical composition of raw and irradiated corn gluten (CG) at 8 and 10 kGy, alongside the impacts irradiated CG consumptions on weight reduction and certain blood biochemical factors in growing rats. Male Sprague-Dawley rats (n=60) were fed the experimental diet for 5(More)
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