Hikaru Hoshikawa

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Head oscillations and eye movements when stepping and running were studied in normal subjects and in patients with labyrinthine dysfunctions. In normal subjects, whereas linear head oscillations in the horizontal plane were very limited during both stepping and running, a marked increase in the vertical linear displacement induced pitching motions of the(More)
A rotational diffusion equation and its Green's function for a spheroidal particle such as a bacterial body, to which an actively driving but idle motor is attached, are presented. As an application of the theory, general expressions for the time-dependent fluorescence depolarization caused by such a particle have been obtained. Measurement of such(More)
We develops a theory of the Brownian motion of a rigid helical object such as bacterial flagella. The statistical properties of the random forces acting on the helical object are discussed and the coefficients of the correlations of the random forces are determined. The averages <z(2)(t)>, <theta(2)(t)> and <z(t)theta(t)> are also calculated where z and(More)
Tunable transport of tiny objects in fluid systems is demanding in diverse fields of science such as drug delivery, active matter far from equilibrium, and lab-on-a-chip applications. Here, we report the directed motion of colloidal particles and self-assembled colloidal chains in a nematic liquid crystal matrix using electrohydrodynamic convection (EHC)(More)
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