Hikaru Hoshikawa

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The pyrolysis and oxidation of diethyl ether (DEE) has been studied at pressures from 1 to 4 atm and temperatures of 900-1900 K behind reflected shock waves. A variety of spectroscopic diagnostics have been used, including time-resolved infrared absorption at 3.39 mum and time-resolved ultraviolet emission at 431 nm and absorption at 306.7 nm. In addition,(More)
Tunable transport of tiny objects in fluid systems is demanding in diverse fields of science such as drug delivery, active matter far from equilibrium, and lab-on-a-chip applications. Here, we report the directed motion of colloidal particles and self-assembled colloidal chains in a nematic liquid crystal matrix using electrohydrodynamic convection (EHC)(More)
Characterization of spatiotemporal dynamics is of vital importance to soft matter systems far from equilibrium. Using a confocal laser scanning microscopy, we directly reveal three-dimensional motion of surface-modified particles in the electrohydrodynamic convection of a nematic liquid crystal. Particularly, visualizing a caterpillar-like motion of a(More)
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