Hikaru Fukumoto

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In this paper, a method to recognize characters of vehicle license plate in Malaysia by using a neural network based threshold method is presented. Vehicle license plate recognition is one of important techniques that can be used for the identification of vehicles all over the world. There are many applications such as entrance admission, security, parking(More)
In this paper, we aim to support the scheme that visual cognition is organized by natural neural networks based on experiences. In this scheme the networks learn correlation between temporal variation of visual stimulation and self-motion to organize visual cognition. We propose a neural network that detects temporal variations of visual stimulation and(More)
The present study considers how the function of vision can be constructed from the experiences of a robot. Specifically, a learning method is proposed for the association between vision and ego-motion. A novel concept of a time evolution operator on sensory inputs is introduced. The time variation of sensory inputs is obtained when the operator is applied(More)
Imaging of a coimmobilized diaphorase and albumin surface was investigated by scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) with shear force based tip-substrate distance control. A microelectrode tip was attached to a commercially available tuning fork to detect the shear force between the microelectrode tip and the surface. We used the standing approach mode,(More)
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