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We examined 200 normal elbows to assess the usefulness of ultrasonography in examining the ulnar nerve in the cubital tunnel. On longitudinal images in elbow extension, the nerve changed its course at the fibrous band region 11.5 (SD 2.8) mm distal to the medial epicondyle. On axial images, the diameter of the major axis of the nerve was 3.1 (0.5) mm and(More)
c-fos expression in response to noxious mechanical stimulation of the peripheral receptive field was used to study the somatotopic representation of the oral mucous membrane and trigeminal cutaneous receptive fields in the trigeminal subnucleus caudalis and the cervical spinal dorsal horn. Fos-neurons (neurons with c-fos protein-like immunoreactivity)(More)
The effect of calcium supplementation on the bone dynamics in the hard palate of the molar region (maxilla), mandible and proximal tibia in experimental osteoporotic rats was examined. Ninety ovariectomized (OVX) and 45 sham-OVX Wistar female rats were used in this study. All the rats received surgical operation at 6 weeks of age. Ovariectomized rats were(More)
The advanced stage of non-enzymatic glycation (also called the Maillard reaction) that leads to the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) has an important function in the pathogenesis of angiopathy in diabetic patients. So far, most studies have been focused on the Maillard reaction by glucose. Although an elevated level of glucose had been(More)
Ten patients aged 3 to 13 years (mean, 9 years and 7 months) underwent forearm lengthening by callotasis. The indications for lengthening were shortening and/or deformity of the forearm due to exostosis of the distal ulna in five cases, enchondroma of the distal ulna in one, growth disturbance after fracture of the distal radius in one, radial club hand in(More)
Thirty-two elbows in 31 patients diagnosed as having cubital tunnel syndrome underwent ultrasonographic examination to assess morphological changes in the ulnar nerve and its surrounding tissues. On longitudinal images, the site of constriction due to the fibrous band and proximal swelling of the nerve were observed by ultrasonography and were confirmed(More)
Osteoclastic bone resorption under the denture base has been considered to be influenced by mechanical force exerted through the denture base. However, no scientific evidence has been shown concerning whether osteoclastic bone resorption is a pressure-threshold-regulated phenomenon or merely a proportionally pressure-dependent phenomenon. In this study, a(More)
Histopathological changes in the tissues under a denture base were studied with respect to the difference between diabetic and normal rats. Diabetes mellitus was induced in Wistar rats by streptozotocin. The experimental denture base was designed to make contact with the palatal mucosa without any continuous nor masticatory pressure. Histopathological(More)
The effect of streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus on histopathological changes in tissues bearing masticatory pressure exerted through an experimental denture base has been studied in animal specimens. Experimental dentures, which prescribed the masticatory pressure by the amount of subsidence of the denture base (100, 50 or 13 microm), were(More)