Higor Ricardo Monteiro Santos

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Business Process Management is a widely known approach focused on aligning processes of an organization in order to achieve improved efficiency and client satisfaction. Governance is an important requirement to enable successful BPM initiatives. This paper provides a qualitative empirical study to investigate what BPM governance elements are adopted by(More)
BPM governance is a key factor to ensure the successful deployment of BPM across an organization. BPM governance emphasizes not only the accountability and control of BPM initiatives, but also provides the mechanisms to ensure that BPM delivers desirable results. Despite growing research identifying the importance of BPM governance, there has been limited(More)
The genus Burkholderia (β-Proteobacteria) currently comprises more than 60 species, including parasites, symbionts and free-living organisms. Several new species of Burkholderia have recently been described showing a great diversity of phenotypes. We examined the diversity of Burkholderia spp in environmental samples collected from Caatinga and Atlantic(More)
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