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The cells in bone grow on a composite matrix made up of mineral and organic (mainly type-I collagen) components. In this study, anorganic bone mineral (ABM) particles were coated with a cell-binding domain of type-I collagen (P-15 peptide) to mimic the bone matrix components and suspended in injectable hyaluronate (Hy) hydrogels. The ABM/P-15/Hy was(More)
Activity-dependent modulation of excitable responses from neurohypophysial axons and their secretory swellings has long been recognized as an important regulator of arginine vasopressin and oxytocin release during patterned stimulation. Various activity-dependent mechanisms, including action potential broadening, potassium accumulation, and autocrine or(More)
Mannitol is commonly used as an intestinal permeability probe, yet the mechanisms of its penetration of the intestinal barrier are not entirely clear. Therefore, we studied mannitol's permeability of different segments of the intestine and studied the kinetics and influence of intraluminal factors on mannitol permeabilityin vivo in perfused intestinal(More)
OBJECTIVE Electric field (EF) stimulation has been used to cue cell growth for tissue engineering applications. In this study, we explore the electrical parameters and extracellular mechanisms that elicit changes in cell behavior when stimulated through the substrate. APPROACH Rat Schwann cell morphology was compared when exposed to EF through the media(More)
In this paper, new examples of weakly symmetric spaces in the sense of A. Selberg 14] are constructed. Let G be a connected, simply-connected, simple Lie group of hermitian type and K a maximal compactly embedded subgroup of G such that D = G=K is an irreducible classical bounded symmetric domain. Let G 1 and D 1 be circle extensions of G and D,(More)
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