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[1] Connected Autonomous Space Environment Sensor (CASES) Global Positioning System (GPS) software-defined receivers developed for ionospheric scintillation studies have been deployed on Autonomous Adaptive Low-Power Instrument Platforms (AAL-PIP) at South Pole, Antarctica. In this paper, we describe the AAL-PIP experimental setup focusing on CASES. We(More)
The innovative Ubiquitous-City was born through convergence of construction, home applications and culture, with development of up to date information technologies and ubiquitous IT. The U-City can be applied to a variety of special situations for managing functions of each city efficiently. This paper focuses on implementation of air pollution monitoring(More)
This study investigated and developed an energy efficient ZigBee wireless module using hardware technique. The MG2455-F48 RF SoC chip was used in developing the ZigBee wireless module. This chip consists of 2.4GHz RF part and 8051 family microcontroller. ZigBee modules are powered by a battery because it has to be movable. Energy saving of the ZigBee module(More)
False alarms due to wind effect on the perimeter security system need to be reduced. Sensor cables are fastened to existing security fences. Main problem of the system is a false alarms generated by the strong wind. Input signals receiving from sensor cables are processed and analyzed by using the DSP (TMS320F2812) microcontroller. The system collects(More)
Recently, we can find news about toxic and combustible gas accident. So, we have to develop gas detector that can measure gas safely at dangerous area and be possible to monitor gas detection at remote area. In this paper, we analyze and estimate gas sensor modules and combustible gas detectors that is already developed, by using standard gas sample(More)
The chattering error of reed switch sensors for Automatic Meter Reading system of water flow meter was analyzed according to various types of external vibrations and shocks. The vibration level amplitude was measured with an accelerometer. To apply for water flow measurement devices, the reed switch sensors should keep high reliability. But the measured(More)
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