Hieronimus W. Kava

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The chromosomes of 3080 products of conception, consisting primarily of newborn infants and medically induced abortions, were examined. These were from 3 major groups of women, those who had used oral contraceptives (primarily the combination types), those who had used nonhormonal contraceptives, and a control group of those who had not used any(More)
The earliest time at which ovulation may occur postpartum was investigated in this study of histological specimens of the endometrium. 128 endometrial biopsies were obtained, but only 92 had adequate material for study. Of the remaining 92 cases, decidual tissue was found in 11 cases, proliferative endometrium was found in 65 cases, and secretory(More)
Cisplatin is widely used as a cancer chemotherapeutic agent and this review covers the mechanism of action of cisplatin, cellular resistance to cisplatin, the genomic location of cisplatin adducts and the properties of DNA-targeted Pt complexes. A particular focus of this review is the interaction of Pt compounds with DNA. The technology involved in(More)
This study investigated the effect of CpG methylation on the DNA binding of cisplatin analogues with an attached aminoacridine intercalator. DNA-targeted 9-aminoacridine carboxamide Pt complexes are known to bind at 5'-CpG sequences. Their binding to methylated and non-methylated 5'-CpG sequences was determined and compared with cisplatin. The damage(More)
In this study, the DNA sequence specificity of four DNA-targeted 9-aminoacridine carboxamide Pt complexes was compared with cisplatin, using two specially constructed plasmid templates. One plasmid contained 5′-CG and 5′-GA insert sequences while the other plasmid contained a G-rich transferrin receptor gene promoter insert sequence. The damage profiles of(More)
This report summarized our experience with a consecutive series of 800 women referred for midtrimester amniocentesis for prenatal diagnosis of a fetal genetic abnormality. The results are compared before and after introduction of sonography immediately prior to the tap as a routine adjunct of the procedure. Following use of sonography there was a(More)
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