Hiep Nguyen-Duc

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Modelling is important in air quality forecasting and control. Before applying an air quality model, it is required to accurately estimate the biogenic emission. The assessment of the background ozone concentration is essential for this estimation. It has been known that the biogenic ozone level in urban areas is changing over the years, and hence(More)
Since the last few decades, electrical methods have been widely used in geophysical surveying to obtain high-resolution information about subsurface conditions. Resistivity is an important parameter in judging the ground properties, especially detecting buried objects of anomalous conductivity. Electrical DC resistivity sounding is the commonly used(More)
In air quality modelling, determination of the background ozone level is essential as it highly affects the accuracy of the photochemical air quality model. It is known that the background ozone level, especially in urban areas, has been changing over the years. Unfortunately, the reasons of that alteration were not clear and the background ozone itself was(More)
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