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DIVA: Applying Decision Theory to Collaborative Filtering
This paper describes the Decision-Theoretic Interactive Video Advisor (DIVA), a decision-theoretic agent for recommending movies that contains a number of novel features. Expand
Intelligence Analyses and the Insider Threat
In the intelligence community, the existence of a malicious insider poses a severe threat to information, to the actual analytic process, and, ultimately, to any decision-making process relying on such information. Expand
The Decision-Theoretic Video Advisor*
We describe ongoing work toward development of a decision-theoretic agent to help users choose videos based on their preferences using a case-based technique. Expand
Empirical Evaluation of Adaptive User Modeling in a Medical Information Retrieval Application
A comprehensive methodology for evaluating a user model presents challenges in choosing metrics and in assessing usefulness from both user and system perspectives. Expand
Evaluation of the Impact of User-Cognitive Styles on the Assessment of Text Summarization
We investigate the impact of a user's cognitive styles on how a user assesses a summary that was generated from a set of documents. Expand
The Decision-Theoretic Interactive Video Advisor
The need to help people choose among large numbers of items and to filter through large amounts of information has led to a flood of research in construction of personal recommendation agents. Expand
Impacts of User Modeling on Personalization of Information Retrieval : An Evaluation with Human Intelligence Analysts
User modeling is the key element in assisting intelligence analysts to meet the challenge of gathering relevant information from the massive amounts of available data. We have developed a dynamicExpand
Capturing a Commander's decision making style
A Commander’s decision making style represents how he weighs his choices and evaluates possible solutions with regards to his goals. Expand
Capturing User Intent for Information Retrieval
We present an evaluation of a cognitive user model for information retrieval with regards to retrieval performance. Expand