Hien D. Nguyen

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BACKGROUND Streptococcus suis can cause severe systemic infection in adults exposed to infected pigs or after consumption of undercooked pig products. S. suis is often misdiagnosed, due to lack of awareness and improper testing. Here we report the first fifty cases diagnosed with S. suis infection in northern Viet Nam. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS In(More)
BACKGROUND Prior to 2007, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 viruses isolated from poultry and humans in Vietnam were consistently reported to be clade 1 viruses, susceptible to oseltamivir but resistant to amantadine. Here we describe the re-emergence of human HPAI H5N1 virus infections in Vietnam in 2007 and the characteristics of the isolated(More)
Expression of caveolin-1 is up-regulated in prostate cancer metastasis and is associated with aggressive recurrence of the disease. Intriguingly, caveolin-1 is also secreted from prostate cancer cell lines and has been identified in secreted prostasomes. Caveolin-1 is the major structural component of the plasma membrane invaginations called caveolae.(More)
Patient 1. A 48-year-old male construction worker, with no preceding medical illnesses, was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Hanoi. For a few days prior to admission he experienced pain and numbness in both forearms and a flushed sensation throughout his body. He also reported increased perspiration and increased libido. At presentation,(More)
The utility of high-throughput quantitative proteomics to identify differentially abundant proteins en-masse relies on suitable and accessible statistical methodology, which remains mostly an unmet need. We present a free web-based tool, called Quantitative Proteomics p-value Calculator (QPPC), designed for accessibility and usability by proteomics(More)
In Vietnam, rotavirus infection accounts for more than one-half of all hospitalizations for diarrhoea among children less than 5 years of age. While new vaccines to prevent rotavirus diarrhoea have been developed and introduced into some countries by multinational manufacturers, the ability for developing countries such as Vietnam to introduce several new(More)
Support vector machines (SVMs) are an important tool in modern data analysis. Traditionally, support vector machines have been fitted via quadratic programming, either using purpose-built or off-the-shelf algorithms. We present an alternative approach to SVM fitting via the majorization–minimization (MM) paradigm. Algorithms that are derived via MM(More)
Emotion recognition has many useful applications in daily lives. In this paper, we present a potential approach to detect human emotion in real time. For any face detected in camera, we extract the corresponding facial landmarks and examine different kinds of features and models for predicting human emotion. The experiments show that our proposed system can(More)
This Special Issue of ADAC is devoted to recent developments in Model-Based Clustering and Classification which is an increasingly active area in both theoretical and applied research. This area has attracted the interest of a growing number of researchers due to the high potential of such approaches in applications, and new different topics have been(More)