Hideyuki Tomosaka

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Activity-guided fractionation of an EtOAc-soluble partition of the MeOH extract from the root bark of Berberis vulgaris L. (barberry), using a hydroxyl radical-scavenging assay, led to the isolation and identification of three phenolic compounds of a previously known structure, N-(p-trans-coumaroyl)tyramine, cannabisin G and (+/-)-lyoniresinol. Of these,(More)
Some derivatives ot' 9-aminoacridine (1) were synthesized, and their frameshift mutagenicity and DNA binding aMnity were studied. The introduction of a methyl group into the acridine ring of 1 reduced the mutagenic activity and the intercalative DNA binding aMnity, whjle {he introdu ¢ tion of chlorine increased them. Halogenated derivatSyes f 1 showed(More)
Mutagenic activity and DNA interca]ation were examined for 9-aminoacridine (9-AA) and its deriyatiyes. Introduction of a nitro group into the 9-AA molecule was found to enhance the actiyity enormously as was detected by the Ames test. Acetylation of amino group at 9-position of acridine ring inhibited the intercalation, the frameshift activity disappearing.(More)
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