Hideyuki Takada

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We have demonstrated a carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilized chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) system employing a grating-based pulse stretcher and compressor and a regenerative amplifier for the first time. In addition to stabilizing the carrier-envelope offset phase of a laser oscillator, a new pulse selection method referenced to the carrier-envelope(More)
The Internet was designed around the end-to-end principle, mimicking in many ways the architecture of the old telephone network: services were accessed by naming the specific end-host offering the service. The demands of robustness, performance, and ubiquitous low latency for a worldwide population have led to an architecture where the names of services are(More)
A frequency comb spanning more than one octave has been achieved by injecting the second-harmonic generation (780 nm) of a mode-locked fiber laser (1.56 microm) into a photonic crystal fiber. We propose and realize a novel interferometric scheme for observing the carrier-envelope offset frequency of the frequency comb. Frequency noise has been observed on(More)
The pulse timing of a mode-locked Er-doped fiber laser was stabilized to a reference pulse train from a Cr:forsterite mode-locked laser by all-optical passive synchronization scheme. The reference pulses were injected into a ring cavity of the fiber laser by using a 1.3-1.5 mum wavelength-division multiplexer. The spectral shift induced by cross-phase(More)