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The chloroplast NAD(P)H dehydrogenase (NDH) complex is involved in photosystem I (PSI) cyclic and chlororespiratory electron transport in higher plants. Although biochemical and genetic evidence for its subunit composition has accumulated, it is not enough to explain the complexes putative activity of NAD(P)H-dependent plastoquinone reduction. We analyzed(More)
Atf1, the fission yeast homolog of activation transcription factor-2 (ATF-2), contributes to heterochromatin formation. However, the role of ATF-2 in chromatin assembly in higher organisms remains unknown. This study reveals that Drosophila ATF-2 (dATF-2) is required for heterochromatin assembly, whereas the stress-induced phosphorylation of dATF-2, via(More)
Plants would be more vulnerable to water stress and thereafter rewatering or a cycled water environmental change, which occur more frequently under climatic change conditions in terms of the prediction scenarios. Effects of water stress on plants alone have been well-documented in many reports. However, the combined responses to drought and rewatering and(More)
Zona occludens (ZO) proteins are molecular scaffolds localized to cell junctions, which regulate epithelial integrity in mammals. Using newly generated null alleles, we demonstrate that polychaetoid (pyd), the unique Drosophila melanogaster ZO homologue, regulates accumulation of adherens junction-localized receptors, such as Notch, although it is(More)
Although the relationship between grassland productivity and soil water status has been extensively researched, the responses of plant growth and photosynthetic physiological processes to long-term drought and rewatering are not fully understood. Here, the perennial grass (Leymus chinensis), predominantly distributed in the Euro-Asia steppe, was used as an(More)
The Notch receptor and its ligands are key components in a core metazoan signaling pathway that regulates the spatial patterning, timing and outcome of many cell-fate decisions. Ligands contain a disulfide-rich Delta/Serrate/LAG-2 (DSL) domain required for Notch trans-activation or cis-inhibition. Here we report the X-ray structure of a receptor binding(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Air seeding has long been regarded as a quick and successful measure for vegetation rehabilitation in China. However, seedling emergence of often-used species including Agriophyllum squarrosum, Artemisia sphaerocephala, Artemisia ordosica, Hedysarum fruticosum, Caragana korshinskii and Medicago sativa is low. Experiments were conducted(More)
Warming, watering and elevated atmospheric CO2-concentration effects have been extensively studied separately; however, their combined impact on plants is not well understood. In the current research, we examined plant growth and physiological responses of three dominant species from the Eurasian Steppe with different functional traits to a combination of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was performed to determine the effect of delayed induction of mild hypothermia after transient spinal cord ischemia in rabbits. METHODS Abdominal aortic occlusion was performed for 15 minutes to induce spinal cord ischemia at a rectal temperature of 37.3 +/- 0.3 degrees C. Four groups of rabbits were investigated: Group 1 (n = 8) was(More)
BACKGROUND Acute aortic dissection (AAD) is a life-threatening vascular disease without effective pharmaceutical therapy. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are implicated in the development of chronic vascular diseases including aneurysm, but the key effectors and mechanism of action remain unknown. To define further the role of MMPs in AAD, we screened(More)