Hideyuki Saitou

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1. Introduction During treatment for gait rehabilitation, physical therapists explain the motion required for walking to patients using words or by physically handling the patient's body. However, the number of therapists that are available for this task is insufficient compared with the number of patients that require treatment, which increases the(More)
This article proposes a method of enabling users to share the sensation of walking with each other in a virtual environment (VE). Achieving this shared sensation requires physical equipment, with algorithms to control it. As an example of such physical equipment, a new footpad type of locomotion interface (LI), named GaitMaster2, has been developed and(More)
This paper describes the development of a gait rehabilitation system with a locomotion interface (LI) for home-visit rehabilitation. For this purpose, the LI should be compact, small, and easy to move. The LI has two 2 degree-of-freedom (DOF) manipulators with footpads to move each foot along a trajectory. When the user stands on the footpads, the system(More)
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