Hideyuki Saito

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We present JANUS, a speech-to-speech translation system that utilizes diverse processing strategies including connectionist learning, traditional AI knowledge representation approaches , dynamic programming, and stochas-tic techniques. JANUS translates continuously spoken English utterances into Japanese and German speech utterances. The overall system(More)
This paper presents a novel methodology for pattern classification, combining different feature extraction approaches, more precisely, global PCA, block-based PCA and LDA in order to improve the face classification performance. Block-based PCA is a new technique that is being widely used for feature extraction, especially in face recognition. Basically, the(More)
Support vector machines are known for their high capability of generalization and have been successfully applied to various classification and regression problems by employing kernel techniques to define nonlinear feature maps from a low dimensional input space into a very high dimensional feature space. Kernel techniques have an advantage in making(More)
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