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Using simulation and analysis we show that agent-based auction-cleared automated markets can be stabilized using only completely myopic agents (without value traders), if these na¨ıve agents are provided with a price signal that reflects order book information. This demonstrates that information in the order book is extremely valuable, that prediction can(More)
There are many studies on ABS and several frameworks for ABS have already been published. However, there are few frameworks that can enable agent-based simulation using large numbers of agents. We have been developing a Java-based platform for Massive Agent-Based Simulation (MABS) called "Zillions of Agents-based Simulation Environment" or ZASE. The purpose(More)
We have developed a new technique for generating homogeneously distributed irregular dot patterns useful for optical devices and digital halftoning technologies. To introduce irregularity, we use elaborately designed sequences called low-discrepancy sequences instead of pseudorandom numbers. We also use a molecular-dynamics redistribution method to improve(More)
Modeling how marketing actions in various channels influence or cause consumer purchase decisions is crucial for marketing decision-making. Marketing campaigns stimulate consumer awareness, interest and help drive interactions such as the browsing of product web pages, ultimately impacting an individual's purchase decision. In addition, some successful(More)
Effects of the amount and the composition of meals on gastric emptying and small intestinal transit times of a suspension were investigated in beagle dogs using acetaminophen and salicylazosulfapyridine as markers. Gastric emptying time was affected both by the amount and the composition of a meal; it was prolonged proportionally to the amount of a solid(More)
The gastrointestinal (GI) physiology of beagle dogs was regulated with a combined-treatment of intramuscular pentagastrin (10 micrograms/kg x 2) and intravenous atropine sulfate (0.02 mg/kg x 1). Here, the gastric acidity, the gastric emptying time and the small intestinal transit time in the regulated-dogs were respectively around pH 2, 0.7h and 4h,(More)
The gastric pH of fasting beagle dogs was measured by using an ion-selective field effect transistor pH sensor. In addition, a novel procedure to control the gastric pH in fasting beagle dogs was investigated. Inter- and intra-day variations in the gastric pH of the dogs were observed. The gastric pH of the dogs could be controlled by a single intravenous(More)
The need to understand dynamic behavior in auctions is increasing with the popularization of online auctions. Applications include designing auction mechanisms, bidding strategies, and server systems. We describe simulations of a typical online auction, where the duration is fixed, and the second-highest price is continuously posted and determines the(More)
The need for new theoretical and experimental approaches to understand dynamic and heterogeneous behavior in complex economic and social systems is increasing recently. An approach using the agent-based simulation and the artificial market on the computer system is considered to be an effective approach. The computational simulation with dynamically(More)