Hideyuki Katoh

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Microbial culture extracts are used for natural products screening in the drug lead discovery process. An extract of a microbial culture is a complex mixture of organic compounds, making it difficult to evaluate the diversity and redundancy of the compounds. However, having a diverse extract library is a key to success in generating a lead for drug(More)
In a workflow management system, appropriate allocation of its activities greatly contributes to the improvement of its efficiency. We have proposed OXTHAS, a loadbalancing method of scheduling the activities in workflow management systems using Web-services. The OXTHAS makes the activities to be assigned to appropriate executors based on the estimation of(More)
Planetary rovers are required to explore rough and steep areas such as craters and cliffs to achieve scientific goals. Most of the proposed rovers have some wheels to move on a planetary surface. However, it is difficult to traverse on a rough terrain flexibly. A legged rover can provide higher capability of moving in such a rough terrain than wheeled(More)
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