Hideyuki Ishi

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Riesz distributions are relatively invariant distributions supported by the closure of a homogeneous cone . In this paper, we clarify the positivity condition of Riesz distributions by relating it to the orbit structure of . Moreover each of the positive Riesz distributions is described explicitly as a measure on an orbit in .
Qp spaces on the unit disc were introduced, and their basic properties established, in 1995 by Aulaskari, Xiao and Zhao. Later some of these results were extended also to the unit ball or even to strictly pseudoconvex domains in the complex n-space. We briefly review the theory of bounded symmetric domains, of which the disc and the ball are the simplest(More)
Abstract: The Koszul–Vinberg characteristic function plays a fundamental role in the theory of convex cones. We give an explicit description of the function and related integral formulas for a new class of convex cones, including homogeneous cones and cones associated with chordal (decomposable) graphs appearing in statistics. Furthermore, we discuss an(More)
Let G be the split solvable Lie group acting simply transitively on a Siegel domain D. We consider irreducible unitary representations of G realized on Hilbert spaces of holomorphic functions on D. We determine all such Hilbert spaces by connecting them with positive Riesz distributions on the dual cone and describe them through the Fourier-Laplace(More)
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