Hideyuki Hinata

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We examined the phagocytic activities of alveolar macrophages (NR8383 cells) toward poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid (PLGA) microspheres (MS) loaded with the anti-tuberculosis agent rifampicin (RFP), the sizes of which were between 1 microm and 10 microm. We found that 1) the phagocytosis was dependent greatly on the particle size and the number of particles(More)
This paper presents a simulation model of green energy devices, which is developed for analyzing energy balance of a micro-grid and for optimizing its management. Several renewable energy based electricity production and storage are modeled and analyzed in the making of strategies for sustainable micro-grid management. In this study, two different(More)
We have been developing a high-speed simulator and micro-grid emulator for real-time energy management system. In this paper, we describe our new fast simulation model for PV system that will allow us to simulate 24-hour data in less than 5 sec. We use this simulator to make estimations and verify our management strategies. We have proposed a hybrid DC/AC(More)
In this paper, we describe a method of modeling the global solar irradiance on a clear sky. The proposed method is based on astrological phenomena, with which we can estimate the global solar irradiance of the few days, several months, and some years. To estimate the irradiance with high accuracy, it is necessary to calculate the solar radiation outside the(More)
In medical facilities, studies of emergency measures against power failures due to natural disasters have become an interesting subject, especially those using renewable energy sources and energy-storage systems. We have developed a simulator to analyze the power grid conditions with several energy sources and batteries including commercial utility grid.(More)
When a PC cluster is extended with new nodes, if a good scalability can keep is focused, especially in unbalanced-nodes PC cluster. In this paper, an experimental scalability evaluation of unbalanced- nodes PC cluster is illustrated. The results are also compared with that of balanced-nodes PC cluster. And, on the experiment results, the problems in(More)
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