Hideyuki HIYOSHI

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BACKGROUND Cellular quiescence is a state of reversible proliferation arrest that is induced by anti-mitogenic signals. The endogenous cardiac glycoside ouabain is a specific ligand of the ubiquitous sodium pump, Na,K-ATPase, also known to regulate cell growth through unknown signalling pathways. METHODS To investigate the role of ouabain/Na,K-ATPase in(More)
Genetic variations in the wild-derived inbred mouse strains are more diverse than that of classical laboratory inbred mouse strains, including C57BL/6J (B6). The sleep/wake and monoamine properties of six wild-derived inbred mouse strains (PGN2, NJL, BLG2, KJR, MSM, HMI) were characterized and compared with those of B6 mice. All examined mice were nocturnal(More)
Sir, We thank Dr López-Lázaro and co-workers for their interest in our work on quiescence and gH2AX in human neuroblastoma induced by ouabain/Na,K-ATPase (Hiyoshi et al, 2012). They correctly point out that rodent cells are more resistant to ouabain than human cells and raise concerns about the effect of ouabain on human neuroblastoma-xenografts in nude(More)
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