Hideyuki Chiba

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Horizontal eye movements were recorded electrooculographically during two different eye fixation tasks, during an eyes-closed waking state, and during eye tracking on a sinusoidally moving target in 16 chronic schizophrenics and in 12 normal subjects. The relationship between saccadic eye movements during tracking and in the other experimental situations(More)
Abnormalities of saccades such as disinhibition have been hypothesized as one cause of smooth pursuit eye movement (SPEM) dysfunctions in schizophrenia. Thus, we studied saccadic eye movements in schizophrenics with SPEM dysfunction. Subjects were divided into three groups: 10 normal control subjects, 10 schizophrenic subjects without SPEM dysfunction and(More)
It has been hypothesized that a saccade control dysfunction is one cause of a smooth pursuit eye movement (SPEM) dysfunction in schizophrenia. We studied the voluntary control of saccades in schizophrenic patients with the SPEM dysfunction using an antisaccade task. The mean error rate in the antisaccade task was significantly higher in the two(More)
All-night sleep polygraphs, except the first night, were recorded for 15 patients with idiopathic nocturnal enuresis and 10 normal controls. Relations between sleep and the mechanism by which nocturnal enuresis is caused, with special emphasis on the occurrence of rhythmic slow waves (RSW), was studied. The following results were obtained. (a) There was no(More)
Skippers of the tribe Baorini are evidently a monophyletic group in the subfamily Hesperiinae. In this study, a new Baorini member Tsukiyamaia albimacula gen. n. et sp. n. is described from north Myanmar, southwest China and north Vietnam. Despite its peculiar and striking wing-pattern, this new genus has some important characters of Baorini, such as a(More)
A molecular phylogeny of the genus Scobura based on the mitochondrial COI and the nuclear EF-1α genes using maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference is proposed. The analyses include 19 specimens from nine ingroup species. The monophyly of Scobura is not strongly supported, but two strongly supported monophyletic groups within the genus are recognized: the(More)
Esophageal endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is technically difficult. To make it safer, we developed a novel method using overtube with a traction forceps (OTF) for countertraction during submucosal dissection. We conducted an ex vivo animal study and compared the clinical outcomes between OTF-ESD and conventional method (C-ESD). A total of 32(More)
Members of the skipper tribe Baorini generally resemble each other and are characterized by dark brown wings with hyaline white spots. These shared characteristics have caused difficulties with revealing the relationships among genera and species in the group, and some conflicting taxonomic views remain unresolved. The present study aims to infer a more(More)
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