Hideyuki Agawa

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Genomic analysis of integration will be important in evaluating the safety of human gene therapy with retroviral vectors. Here, we investigated MLV vector integration sites in human T-cells, since they are amenable to gene transfer studies, and have been used therapeutically in clinical trials. We mapped 340 MLV vector integration sites in the infected(More)
Therapeutic retroviral vector integration near the oncogene LMO2 is thought to be a cause of leukemia in X-SCID gene therapy trials. However, no published studies have evaluated the frequency of vector integrations near exon 1 of the LMO2 locus. We identified a high incidence region (HIR) of vector integration using PCR techniques in the upstream region(More)
Several lines of evidence have revealed that ubiquitylation of membrane proteins serves as a signal for endosomal sorting into lysosomes or lytic vacuoles. The hepatocyte growth factor-regulated tyrosine kinase substrate (Hrs) interacts with ubiquitylated cargoes through its ubiquitin-interacting-motif domain (UIM domain), and plays an essential early role(More)
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