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To estimate the minimal gene set required to sustain bacterial life in nutritious conditions, we carried out a systematic inactivation of Bacillus subtilis genes. Among approximately 4,100 genes of the organism, only 192 were shown to be indispensable by this or previous work. Another 79 genes were predicted to be essential. The vast majority of essential(More)
We cloned a Bacillus subtilis gene (srb) encoding a homologue of the mammalian signal recognition particle receptor alpha-subunit (SR alpha). The gene is 987 bp in length and encodes a 329-amino acid protein. The deduced amino acid sequence of the protein shared 26.6, 36.2 and 49.7% identity with those of mammalian SR alpha, archaebacterial DP alpha and(More)
The intracellular distribution of organelles plays a pivotal role in the maintenance and adaptation of a wide spectrum of cellular activities in plants. Chloroplasts are a special type of organelle able to photosynthesize, capturing light energy to fix atmospheric CO2. Consequently, the intracellular positioning of chloroplasts is crucial for plant growth(More)
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