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We are investigating automatic generation of a review (or survey) article in a specific subject domain. In a research paper, there are passages where the author describes the essence of a cited paper and the differences between the current paper and the cited paper (we call them citing areas). These passages can be considered as a kind of summary of the(More)
This paper introduces the Patent Mining Task of the Seventh TCIR Workshop and the test collections produced in this task. The task's goal was the classification of research papers written in either Japanese or English in terms of the International Patent Classification (IPC) system, which is a global standard. For this task, 12 participant groups submitted(More)
This paper introduces the Patent Mining Task at the Eighth NTCIR Workshop and the test collections produced in this task. The purpose of the Patent Mining Task is to create technical trend maps from a set of research papers and patents. We performed two subtasks: (1) the subtask of research papers classification and (2) the subtask of technical trend map(More)
Although stimulation of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors or voltage-dependent calcium channels induces both the activation of c-fos and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) genes, it is not certain how the activation of these genes is related. Using primary cultures of rat hippocampal neurons, we found that exposing the cells to cycloheximide allowed(More)
Collecting all the papers in a research field is a first step towards an exhaustive survey. A number of research paper databases are available for searching papers. However, searchers are compelled to repeat the same search operation for each database if there are multiple databases for a research field. To improve such inefficient searching, we have(More)
We report the outline of Text Summarization Challenge 2 (TSC2 hereafter), a sequel text summarization evaluation conducted as one of the tasks at the NTCIR Workshop 3. First, we describe briefly the previous evaluation, Text Summariza-tion Challenge (TSC1) as introduction to TSC2. Then we explain TSC2 including the participants, the two tasks in TSC2, data(More)
In this paper, we introduce a large-scale test collection for multiple document summarization, the Text Summarization Challenge 3 (TSC3) corpus. We detail the corpus construction and evaluation measures. The significant feature of the corpus is that it annotates not only the important sentences in a document set, but also those among them that have the same(More)
Since Snyder reported first twelve cases of benign paroxysmal torticollis in infancy (BPT) in 1969, about 30 cases have been reported mainly in the North America and Europe, but not in Japan. The authors experienced such a case of one-year-old boy. The attack occurred at the age of 2 months for the first time and continued to repeat every 2 weeks(More)