Hidetoshi Tamaki

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Computed tomographic (CT) appearances of 18 surgically proven parotid tumors were studied. Digital radiography (GE, ScoutView) was performed to select the desired gantry angulations and then plain CT and CT combined with sialography were performed. Plain CT clearly showed parotid tumors in nine of the patients. CT combined with sialography was more helpful(More)
BACKGROUND Double cancer is defined as the co-existence of two pathologically distinct cancers. Double cancer consisting of a lung adenocarcinoma and a malignant lymphoma has seldom been reported in time synchronous cases or prior to cases of primary lung cancer, except in those after treatment for malignant lymphoma. CASE PRESENTATION Case 1 was a(More)
A one-year-old boy with Arnold-Chiari malformation associated with hydrocephalus and meningocele presented with characteristic stereotypical alternating movements of the lower limbs. The movements were not considered to be epileptic, but to derive from a locomotion pattern-generator in the spinal cord. Persistence of the stereotypical movements implied some(More)
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