Hidetoshi Nishimori

A Nihat Berker1
Can Güven1
1A Nihat Berker
1Can Güven
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The spatially uniaxially anisotropic d=3 Ising spin glass is solved exactly on a hierarchical lattice. Five different ordered phases, namely, ferromagnetic, columnar, layered, antiferromagnetic, and spin-glass phases, are found in the global phase diagram. The spin-glass phase is more extensive when randomness is introduced within the planes than when it is(More)
We show a practical application of an well-known nonequilibrium relation, the Jarzynski equality, in quantum computation. Its implementation may open a way to solve combinatorial optimization problems, minimization of a real single-valued function, cost function, with many arguments. It has been disclosed that the ordinary quantum computational algorithm to(More)
We introduce stagewise processing in error-correcting codes and image restoration, by extracting information from the former stage and using it selectively to improve the performance of the latter one. Both mean-field analysis using the cavity method and simulations show that it has the advantage of being robust against uncertainties in hyperparameter(More)
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