Hidetoshi Nishimori

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We develop a statistical-mechanical formulation for image restoration and error-correcting codes. These problems are shown to be equivalent to the Ising spin glass with ferromagnetic bias under random external fields. We prove that the quality of restoration/decoding is maximized at a specific set of parameter values determined by the source and channel(More)
We prove weak ergodicity of the inhomogeneous Markov process generated by the generalized transition probability of Tsallis and Stariolo under power-law decay of the temperature. We thus have a mathematical foundation to conjecture convergence of simulated annealing processes with the generalized transition probability to the minimum of the cost function.(More)
The gauge theory of spin glasses and statistical-mechanical formulation of error-correcting codes are reviewed with an emphasis on their similarities. For the gauge theory, we explain the functional identities on dynamical autocorrelation functions and on the distribution functions of order parameters. These functional identities restrict the possibilities(More)
We study the performance of quantum annealing for systems with ground-state degeneracy by directly solving the Schrödinger equation for small systems and quantum Monte Carlo simulations for larger systems. The results indicate that naive quantum annealing using a transverse field may not be well suited to identify all degenerate ground-state configurations,(More)
For the Edwards-Anderson model we find an integral representation for some surface terms on the Nishimori line. Among the results are expressions for the surface pressure for free and periodic boundary conditions and the adjacency pressure, i.e., the difference between the pressure of a box and the sum of the pressures of adjacent sub-boxes in which the box(More)
We show a practical application of an well-known nonequilibrium relation, the Jarzynski equality, in quantum computation. Its implementation may open a way to solve combinatorial optimization problems, minimization of a real single-valued function, cost function, with many arguments. It has been disclosed that the ordinary quantum computational algorithm to(More)
Collective behavior of active elements inspired by mass of biological organisms is addressed. Especially , two topics are focused on among amazing behaviors performed by colony of ants. First, task allocation phenomena are treated from the viewpoint of proportion regulation of population between different states. Using a dynamical model consisting of(More)
We propose a new method for exact analytical calculation of the ground-state energy of the Ising spin glass on strips. An outstanding advantage of this method over the numerical transfer matrix technique is that the energy is obtained for complex values of the probability describing quenched randomness. We study the ±J and the site-random models using this(More)