Hidetoshi Nishihara

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Laser beam lithography for micro-Fresnel lenses (MFLs) with blazed grooves is proposed and demonstrated including the system configuration and characteristics of the resulting lenses. The resolution is even better than that of electron-beam lithography in forming 1-microm deep relief gratings in resist. A laser beam lithographed MFL with a diameter as large(More)
Higher efficiencies (reduced KWH consumption) and lower noise levels are the two most sought after features of household refrigerator and freezer compressors the world over. This paper discusses a method by which the suction muffler system of a reciprocating compressor is modified to improve the compressor's efficiency and noise level by reducing suction(More)
A computer-controlled laser-beam writing system has been developed for optical integrated circuits (optical ICs). This system allows us to make waveguide patterns 3-4 microm wide, such as directional couplers, and Yjunction, crossed, and S-shaped waveguides, automatically within an edge roughness of 0.2 microm on a photoresist-coated LiNbO(3) substrate. By(More)
The effect of mechanical stress on Barkhausen noise from pure nickel plates is reported for as-rolled plate and plates which are annealed at various temperatures up to 1000 K. The data are compared with Vickers hardness and SEM images. The Barkhausen noise energy detected has been found generally to decrease rapidly with nominal stress except a case of a(More)
The conversion efficiency of a holographic spherical-to-spherical wave-front converter of the phase-volume zone-plate type is discussed. Calculation has been made by applying an extended Kogelnik unidimensional coupled-wave theory, taking into account a situation when the converter is an off-axis type and also another situation when optical waves of(More)
The experimental behaviors of magnetization process in pure nickel which has a moment of 0.6 /spl mu//sub B/ and a Curie temperature of about 600 K is investigated. Results confirmed that the theory, recently developed by Takahashi, on weakly itinerant-electron ferromagnets is applicable even to magnetically stronger case of itinerant ferromagnet. The(More)