Hidetoshi Inagaki

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TRPA1 is a calcium-permeable, nonselective cation channel expressed in the dorsal root ganglion and trigeminal ganglia nociceptive neurons. It is activated by the pungent compounds in mustard oil (AITC, allyl isothiocyanate), cinnamon (cinnamaldehyde), garlic (allicin), and is believed to mediate the inflammatory actions of environmental irritants and(More)
Three-finger toxins (3FTxs) are one of the major components in snake venoms. In this study, we isolated a cDNA encoding a short-chain 3FTx, Pr-SNTX, from Pseudechis rossignolii. The amino acid sequence of Pr-SNTX is nearly identical to that of its ortholog in Pseudechis australis. Pr-SNTX protein inhibited muscle-type (α2βδε), but not neuronal α7 nicotinic(More)
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