Hideto Sangen

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Fulminant myocarditis can become fatal if left untreated. Treatments for most types of myocarditis, including mechanical support, are limited. However, immediate systemic corticosteroids are known to be effective against eosinophilic myocarditis; therefore, prompt diagnosis of this disease is crucial. Unfortunately, the standard diagnostic tool for(More)
We developed a new method to measure quinoline compounds including kynurenic acid, xanthurenic acid, and the 8-methyl ether of xanthurenic acid in the urine. The excretion of quinoline compounds in 33 patients with bladder cancer was investigated. Abnormal excretion of the 8-methyl ether of xanthurenic acid was confirmed in 13 patients. There were(More)
A streptococcal preparation, OK432 was evaluated as the adjuvant immunotherapeutic agent for superficial bladder tumors. Twenty-nine cases were treated with complete transurethral resection and then randomized prospectively into two groups. One group had adjuvant therapy of OK432 intradermal administration and another group had no adjuvant therapy. OK432(More)
After alcohol septal ablation (ASA), regression of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) has been observed in several studies using echocardiography or cardiac magnetic resonance, and favorable changes of myocardial excitation have been expected. However, no studies have focused on the alteration of electrocardiography (ECG) findings after ASA. Therefore, we(More)