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The domino three-component coupling reaction of arynes with DMF and active methylenes or methines was studied as a highly efficient method for preparing heterocycles. Coumarin derivative 5 was formed when diethyl malonate (2) or α-bromomalonate (3) were used as a C2-unit. In contrast, dihydrobenzofurans 7a and 7b were obtained by using α-chloroenolates(More)
Most of the synthetic approaches to the benzo-fused heterocycles containing an oxygen atom have involved the use of phenol derivatives as a starting material. This review highlights the new synthetic approaches involving the aromatic C-O bond-forming process using arynes. The insertion of arynes into the C=O bond gives the unstable intermediates, [2 + 2](More)
The limitation of hydroxamate ester as a chiral Lewis acid coordination moiety was first shown in an intermolecular reaction involving a radical addition and sequential allylation processes. Next, the effect of hydroxamate ester was studied in the cascade addition-cyclization-trapping reaction of substrates with a carbon-carbon triple bond as a radical(More)
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