Hidetaka Ota

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Inducible nitric-oxide synthase (iNOS) has been implicated in many human diseases including insulin resistance. However, how iNOS causes or exacerbates insulin resistance remains largely unknown. Protein S-nitrosylation is now recognized as a prototype of a redox-dependent, cGMP-independent signaling component that mediates a variety of actions of nitric(More)
Yeast Sir2 plays critical roles in gene silencing, stress resistance and longevity. Mammalian Sirt1 NAD(+)-dependent protein deacetylase, the closest homolog of Sir2, regulates cell cycle, cellular senescence, apoptosis and metabolism, by functional interactions with a number of biological molecules such as p53. To investigate a role of Sirt1 in endothelial(More)
OBJECTIVE Cilostazol, a selective inhibitor of PDE3, has a protective effect on endothelium after ischemic vascular damage, through production of nitric oxide (NO). The purpose of the present study was to clarify the molecular mechanisms underlying the preventive effect of treatment with cilostazol on oxidative stress-induced premature senescence in human(More)
If the dynamics of combined vehicles such as tractor-semitrailer varies greatly, it may be very difficult for inexperienced drivers to achieve good handling stability. Moreover, once combined vehicles become unstable, it is very difficult for all drivers to stabilize vehicles. However, if the behavior of actual combined vehicles tracks a designed desired(More)
BACKGROUND Arterial calcification is associated with cardiovascular (CV) disease, to be leading to vessel wall stiffness and causing the management of hemodynamics in the elderly more difficult. Here, we compared the extent of calcification in the aortic arch by reviewing chest X-rays to that in the abdominal aorta as assessed by more detailed examinations.(More)
Sir2 (silent information regulator-2), an NAD(+)-dependent histone deacetylase, is highly conserved in organisms ranging from archaea to humans. Yeast Sir2 is responsible for silencing at repeated DNA sequences in mating-type loci, telomeres and rDNA, and plays critical roles in DNA repair, stress resistance and longevity.The phenomenon of human aging is(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to compare the effects of paclitaxel, sirolimus, and everolimus on the senescent phenotype in human endothelial cells, and to further investigate possible involvement of mammalian sirtuin 1 (Sirt1) down-regulation as a mechanism. BACKGROUND Endothelial cell senescence may play a role in impaired re-endothelialization(More)
Vascular calcification is clinically important in the development of cardiovascular disease. It is reported that hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG CoA) reductase inhibitors (statins) inhibited vascular calcification in several clinical trials. However, the mechanism is poorly understood. Recently, it has been suggested that apoptosis is one of the(More)
Oxidative stress and atherosclerosis-related vascular disorders are risk factors for cognitive decline with aging. In a small clinical study in men, testosterone improved cognitive function; however, it is unknown how testosterone ameliorates the pathogenesis of cognitive decline with aging. Here, we investigated whether the cognitive decline in(More)
Gnetum gnemon is an arboreal dioecious plant that is cultivated in Indonesia. The seeds of this species mainly contain dimeric stilbenoid compounds [gnetin C (1), gnemonoside A (2), and gnemonoside D (3)] along with trans-resveratrol (4). trans-Resveratrol has been reported to have antiaging, anticancer, and antidiabetic effects, as well as being a calorie(More)