Hideshi Hayashida

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We have examined changes in rectal temperature of mice after subcutaneous administrations of d-methamphetamine alone or methamphetamine plus morphine. Methamphetamine 5 mg/kg produced slight hyperthermia, while simultaneous administration of morphine (25-100 mg/kg), which alone produces hypothermia, potentiated markedly the increase in body temperature by(More)
The nitrergic nerve appears to have a major role in the neuronal regulation of penile erection. Cholinergic innervation has been shown histochemically in penile cavernous tissues, but its functional role is not well understood. This study was aimed at examining the functional properties of the nitrergic nerve and the possible involvement of cholinergic(More)
Aims of this study were to functionally and histologically determine the localization of ganglia that distribute inhibitory nerves to the penile corpus cavernosum in dogs. In isolated corpus cavernosa from seven control dogs contracted with endothelin-1, transmural electrical stimulation (5 Hz for 40 s) elicited contractions which were reversed to(More)
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