Hideo Kuroda

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Total Artificial Heart (TAH) development at Penn State University and 3M Health Care has progressed from design improvements and manufacturing documentation to in vitro and in vivo testing to characterize the system's hemodynamic response and energetic performance. The TAH system is completely implantable and intended for use as an alternative to(More)
Block-matching algorithms, such as TSS and DSWA/IS, are widely used for motion estimation in low-bit-rate video coding. The assumption behind these algorithms is that when the matching block moves away from the optimal block, the difference between them increases monotonically. Unfortunately, this assumption is often invalid, and therefore leads to a high(More)
Human can segment a character from handwritten Chinese character text line having many overlaps or joins. Therefore, a fairly high degree of accuracy in the character segment,ation may be attained by imitating the human visual processing. In the cognitive science field, it is proposed that the method called 'field of induction on the retina' is similar to(More)
When noise data is included, the clustering method based on code vectors considering attractive and repulsive force can not precisely classify data. In this paper, we propose the clustering method based on code vectors considering attractive and repulsive force which can precisely classify data even when noise data is included.
This paper proposes a system for recognizing numeric strings from topographical maps, which is composed of the automatic recognition stage and the interactive recognition stage. In this method, uncertain numeric strings extracted through the automatic recognition stage based on topographical map feature only, are confirmed and corrected by the interactive(More)