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Development of synthetic molecules that provide external control over the transcription of a given gene represents a challenge in medicinal and bioorganic chemistry. Here we report design and analysis of wrenchnolol, a wrench-shaped synthetic molecule that impairs the transcription of the Her2 oncogene by disrupting association of transcription factor ESX(More)
From the sea hares belonging to two genera, Aplysia and Dolabella, a variety of new cytotoxic substances were isolated as minute constituents: their chemical structures were determined and their cytotoxicity was evaluated. Regarding the highly cytotoxic substances, further chemical and biological studies were performed that included their asymmetric(More)
Inhibitors of microtubule (MT) assembly or dynamics that target α/β-tubulin are widely exploited in cancer therapy and biological research. However, specific inhibitors of the MT nucleator γ-tubulin that would allow testing temporal functions of γ-tubulin during the cell cycle are yet to be identified. By evolving β-tubulin-binding drugs we now find that(More)
Pyrene-conjugated compounds are detected by label-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (LA-LDI MS) without matrixes. We found that 6-amidopyrene derivatives were highly detectable by the LDI MS instrument equipped with a 355 nm laser. In a certain case of a 6-amidopyrene derivative, a molecular ion peak [M](+•) and a characteristic(More)
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