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To provide high-capacity/high-reliability optical-access and short-range links, a novel failure-recovery system utilizing protection optical switch units and multi-core fibers was developed. Configuring the proposed failure-recovery system, the developed multi-core fiber (MCF) connection technology (i.e., fan-in/-out modules and MCF connectors) and a(More)
(2015) Whispering gallery mode resonances from Ge micro-disks on suspended beams. Ge is considered to be one of the most promising materials for realizing full monolithic integration of a light source on a silicon (Si) photonic chip. Tensile-strain is required to convert Ge into an optical gain material and to reduce the pumping required for population(More)
We report low-loss silicon waveguides and efficient grating coupler to couple light into them. By using anisotropic wet etching technique, we reduced the side wall roughness down to 1.2 nm. The waveguides were patterned along the [112] direction on a [110] silicon-on-insulator substrate. The waveguide boundaries are decided by the [111] planes, which are(More)
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