Hidenori Yamamoto

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We propose a technique for combining devices to create a more flexible context-aware service system. This system integrates devices that are embedded or distributed in the user's environment and are networked with each other. The system for providing context-aware services locates and selects devices appropriate to the user's context. When the context(More)
1. Abstract On highway, to ensure safety of the road, changes of weather such as rainfall, snowfall, strong wind and so on as well as ever-changing circumstances including traffic congestion and accidents are monitored, and such information is immediately provided for drivers and necessary regulations are quickly taken. Visual information provided by CCTVs(More)
In ubiquitous computing, it is said that services are provided anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. Moreover, context-aware services are expected. One issue in providing a context-aware service is the connection of heterogeneous resources (hardware devices and software components) that are embedded or distributed in the surrounding environment and networked(More)
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