Hidenori Watanave

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"Rhythm Engine" (REg) is a spatial communication tool with "Music" and "visual effects" beyond the space time. "REg" proposes an ideal way of new un-simultaneous communication to the current web-world where mainly "exchanging words" on "real time" is getting more focused.
The authors' research theme is to give the useful and new insight of daily life which cannot get their actual world from the internet to the ordinary people. In this paper, we want to discuss about the "serendipity" to follow the previous theme. Serendipity has been attracted attention at the point of the system of information retrieval. However, in this(More)
Our aim was to compare the industrial cluster's features and the overall structure of business-to-business networks, primarily on various auto manufacturers; therefore, we have created a higher level Visualization by altering the heights of the nodes which plots out the nodes on every transaction level and by clustering the nodes and the links. This allowed(More)
"Tuvalu Visualization Project" is an artistic visualization using Google Earth. This project is composed of two elements: Visualization and communication system "Build the Future with 10,000 Tuvaluan" for NPO Tuvalu Overview, and "Tuvalu Mapping" that is constructed of 3300 photographs. The purpose of this project is disclosing actual information about(More)
The NetAIBO project aims to establish a new concept of communication over the Internet, getting a feel of existence in the virtual world by interacting with an actual robot "AIBO". Here we propose The unsimultaneous-communication and 3Dspace-sharing system with using web3d techniques and AIBO as interface. Furthermore, This project is a proposal of new(More)
We have held plenty of Internet events and workshops by using the original photograph mapping system since 2006. Visualizing <i>"Sakura</i> front" of Japan, fieldwork in the cities, and interactive questionnaire in museum, etc. were themes of the activity. Residents, elderly persons, students, and Internet users have participated in the events and(More)
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