Hidenori Takahashi

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We study the behavior of the Wilson loop in the (5+1)-dimensional supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with the presence of the solitonic object. Using the dual string description of the Yang-Mills theory that is given by the D1/D5 system, we estimate the Wilson loops both in the temporal and spatial cases. For the case of the temporal loop, we obtain the(More)
Among various actions of melanin concentrating hormone (MCH), its memory function has been focused in animal studies. Although MCH neurons project to various areas in the brain, one main target site of MCH is hippocampal formation for memory consolidation. Recent immunohistochemical study shows that MCH neurons directly project to the hippocampal formation(More)
We derive the glueball masses in noncommutative super Yang–Mills theories in four dimensions via the dual supergravity description. The spectrum of glueball masses is discrete due to the noncommutativity and the glueball masses are proportional to the noncommutativity parameter with dimension of length. The mass spectrum in the WKB approximation closely(More)
This paper analyzes delegation and joint decision making in an environment with private information and partially aligned preferences. We compare the benefits of these two decision making procedures as well as the interaction between them. We give a condition under which delegation is preferred to ex post joint decision making and we show how the(More)
Objective Dendritic cell (DC)-based cancer vaccines may have a significant benefit to patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLCs). However, variations among clinical studies make it difficult to compare clinical outcomes. J-SICT DC vaccine study group is composed of the multi-medical centers in Japan, has provided DC vaccines as a(More)
In markets where sellers are able to price discriminate, or the buyers to bargain, individuals receive discounts over the posted prices that are usually not observed by the econometrician. This paper considers the structural estimation of a demand and supply model à la Berry et al. (1995) when only posted prices are observed. We consider that heterogeneous(More)
We observed an area of 10 deg 2 of the Large Magellanic Cloud using the Infrared Camera on board AKARI. The observations were carried out using five imaging filters (3, 7, 11, 15, and 24 micron) and a dispersion prism (2 – 5 micron, λ/∆λ ∼ 20) equipped in the IRC. This paper describes the outline of our survey project and presents some initial results using(More)
The work in the Touch Lab (formal name: Laboratory for Human and Machine Haptics) is guided by a broad vision of haptics which includes all aspects of information acquisition and object manipulation through touch by humans, machines, or a combination of the two; and the environments can be real or virtual. We conduct research in multiple disciplines such as(More)
We present a unified description of the spontaneous symmetry breaking and its associated bosons in fermion field theory. There is no Goldstone boson in the fermion field theory models of Nambu-Jona-Lasinio, Thirring and QCD 2 after the chiral symmetry is spontaneously broken in the new vacuum. The defect of the Goldstone theorem is clarified, and the "(More)