Hidenori Okuda

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This paper proposes a new method for displaying large-scale tag clouds. We use a topographical image that helps users to grasp the relationship among tags intuitively as a background to the tag clouds. We apply this interface to a blog navigation system and show that the proposed method enables users to find the desired tags easily even if the tag clouds(More)
Finding and keeping track of other researchers' publication lists is an essential activity for every researcher, because they often contain citations not found elsewhere and may provide access to information, such as slides and talks, which can help other researchers keep abreast of state-ofthe-art knowledge and technology. There are many different ways to(More)
This paper describes design and implementation of an interoperability test-bed for the Digital Audio-Visual Council (DAVIC) 1.0 specification. The system was designed particularly to test end-to-end interfaces and protocols between a set-top unit (STU) and a server. Using the test-bed, NTT participated in two interoperability test events, which were held(More)
The ability to detect new topics and track them is important given the huge amounts of documents. This paper introduces a trend-based document clustering algorithm for analyzing them. Its key characteristic is that it gives scores to words on the basis of the fluctuation in word frequency. The algorithm generates clusters in a practical time, with O(n)(More)
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