Hidenori Okuda

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This paper proposes a new method for displaying large-scale tag clouds. We use a topographical image that helps users to grasp the relationship among tags intuitively as a background to the tag clouds. We apply this interface to a blog navigation system and show that the proposed method enables users to find the desired tags easily even if the tag clouds(More)
In this paper, we describe a method to detect topic words from blog documents. We define " topic words " as words frequently used by people who share the same interests. In this method, each blogger's interests are extracted from each blog site, and interest similarities between bloggers are calculated. Unusual words that are used by bloggers who have a(More)
There are at least three barriers to utilizing blog tags in classification or navigation: 40% of entries are not (from our observations) tagged, there are many orthographic or synonymous tag variations, and not all tags are informative.We propose a method of multi-autotagging, based on k-NN, which is a case-based classijication method. Our method also has(More)
The ability to detect new topics and track them is important given the huge amounts of documents. This paper introduces a trend-based document clustering algorithm for analyzing them. Its key characteristic is that it gives scores to words on the basis of the fluctuation in word frequency. The algorithm generates clusters in a practical time, with O(n)(More)
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