Hidenori Ohta

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Pairwise key establishment is a fundamental service provided in secure sensor networks. However, due to resource constraints, establishing pairwise keys is not a trivial task. Recently, a random key pre-distribution scheme and its improvements have been proposed. The scheme proposed by Du et al. uses deployment knowledge to improve the performance and(More)
SUMMARY A 3D-dissection (A rectangular solid dissection) is a dis-section of a rectangular solid into smaller rectangular solids by planes. In this paper, we propose an O-sequence, a string of representing any 3D-dissection which is dissected by only non-crossing rectangular planes. We also present a necessary and sufficient condition for a given string to(More)
In primates, learning set formation has been reported in various simian species, but in only few prosimian species. The formation of visual discrimination learning set was tested on a nocturnal prosimian species, slow lorises (Nycticebus coucang). Their performance was higher than that of some New World monkeys. This confirmed the suggestion from the data(More)
—The circle-packing problem is a problem of packing circles into a two dimensional area such that none of them overlap with each other. The authors have proposed SPC (Sequence-pair for circle packing), a method of representing relative location of circle pairs, which is an extended version of sequence-pair for rectangles. The authors have proposed also a(More)
Direct comparison between competitive process flows showed that the eSiGe-S/D-last flow is the most promising CMOS integration process for manufacturing 45-nm technology node and beyond because it has good extensibility with various performance boosters, has fewer process steps and suppresses electrical fluctuations. The eSiGe-S/D-last (after offset spacer(More)
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