Hidenori Naganuma

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The Pb(Zr<sub>0.4</sub>,Ti<sub>0.6</sub>)O<sub>3</sub> thin-film capacitors with top and bottom Pt electrodes were prepared by chemical solution deposition using the precursor solutions with Pb contents ranging from 104 to 119%. Leakage current densities of the PZT capacitors monotonically decreased with increasing Pb contents. In the Pb110%-PZT capacitor,(More)
BiFeO<sub>3</sub>-BiCoO<sub>3</sub> solid solution films were fabricated by a chemical solution deposition (CSD) method onto the Pt/Ti/SiO<sub>2</sub>/Si(100) substrates followed by a post-deposition annealing at 873 K for 10 min. X-ray diffraction measurements indicate the apparent phase transition of the Bi(Co<sub>x</sub>Fe<sub>1-times</sub>)O<sub>3</sub>(More)
The error back propagation through time (called BPTT) is a learning method of the recurrent neural network. The network learned by BPTT can solve the dynamical problem with the time series data. However, it is not able to directly solve a digital type problem where the middle layer output is intrinsically binary such as the internal state inference of the(More)
A BiFeO<sub>3</sub> film was fabricated by a chemical solution deposition (CSD) method onto the Pt/Ti/SiO<sub>2</sub>/Si(100) substrate followed by a post-deposition annealing at 973 K for 10 min in air. An X-ray diffraction measurement indicates the formation of the polycrystalline single phase of the BiFeO<sub>3</sub> film. The high remanent polarization(More)
We propose a digital version of the backpropagation algorithm (DBP) for three-layered neural networks with nondifferentiable binary units. This approach feeds teacher signals to both the middle and output layers, whereas with a simple perceptron, they are given only to the output layer. The additional teacher signals enable the DBP to update the coupling(More)
FeO<sub>x</sub>-BiFeO<sub>3</sub> composite films were fabricated by a chemical solution deposition (CSD) method onto the Pt/Ti/SiO<sub>2</sub>/Si(100) substrates. The remanence magnetization of almost 2 emu/cm3 and the magnetic coercive field of 1.5 kOe was obtained due to the formation of the magnetic oxide phase at the composition of Fe/Bi=1.25 with the(More)
Thin films of BiFeO<sub>3</sub>0-BiScO<sub>3</sub> (BFO-BSO) solid-solution were fabricated for improving electrical resistivity of BiFeO<sub>3</sub>-based films by replacing electrically-unstable Fe<sup>3+</sup> for stable Sc<sup>3+</sup>. The films with chemical composition of Bi(Fe<sub>1-x</sub>, Sc<sub>x</sub>)O<sub>3</sub> were fabricated on(More)
The systematic investigation of the influence of Pb and La contents on the lattice configuration in La-substituted Pb(Zr<sub>0.65</sub>,Ti<sub>0.35</sub>)O<sub>3</sub> (La-PZT) films was carried out. La-PZT films with various La and Pb contents were fabricated on Pt/Ti/SiO<sub>2</sub>/Si substrates by chemical solution deposition (CSD). In the La-PZT films(More)
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